Woodknot Design

Hout Point Studios 

394 McGuiness Blvd. 

Brooklyn, New York 11222

t. +1 357 951 9663

e. woodknotdesign@gmail.com



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394 McGuinness Blvd
Brooklyn, NY, 11222
United States


Resources are finite. Where things come from and how they are made matter.

There, we said it. Long preoccupied with re-purposing, reusing and salvaging we incorporate these values in every piece we make. WoodKnot Design is a duo dedicated to designing responsibly. We believe that there is inherent character in every old piece of wood. Each patina is imbued with history and energy. We hope you share our love of old things given new lives.

Waste not, want not-
WoodKnot Design



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